Better services for better lives

Maximus Gulf helps governments provide programs that improve their citizens' lives.

Success comes from aligning three goals

Helping government

We understand the challenges governments face providing services to citizens. We deliver high-quality programs with efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Navigating change

Our world is increasingly complicated. And with 2030 vision, Maximus took upon itself to support this transition and overcome government’s unique challenges with innovative solutions.

Changing lives

We help people overcome personal and professional barriers, connecting them to meaningful employment and putting them on a path to self-sufficiency.

Achieving success

With more than 45 years of experience delivering government programs, Maximus is uniquely equipped to align the needs of government and the people.

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Programs we support

Maximus help job seekers, including those with disabilities, to overcome barriers and find sustainable jobs through our programs: 

  • Taqat Employment Services
  • Training and employment of people with disabilities (PWD)
    • PWD Training and Employment program aims to support the career empowerment of people with disabilities providing the required support to job seekers with on-the-job training programs on soft and technical skills
  • Call Center Operations and Training
  • On-the-job Training Program (OJT)
    • OJT provides on-the-job training for soft and technical skills, for female job seekers holding bachelor’s degrees or higher